A chest or stomach strap provides stability to the wearer

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Hermes Kelly Replica Good morning, my dear miss Georgia… Good morning my group of interesting manner, the Moldovan pie recipe Sarali bring
Sarali potatoes (potato pie, Moldavian cuisine)
Gli ingredienti (12 pezzi) – ingredients (12 pieces 6 – sale: 7 – lievito secco: 1 – olio: 2 cucchiai – 2s / .c vegetable oil

per la farcitura : Ingates

– patate: 1400 g-1400 gr of potatoes
– cipolle: 300 g (p otete variare in base ai vostri gusti) 300 g onion
– sale: 8-9 g (o quanto basta) 8-9 grams of salt (to taste)
– pepe nero: 10 – 12 granelli-10-12 of Black pepper grains
– anetto: 15 gr (potete evitare) 15 g of dill (can not uqot)

1 uovo per spennellare (potete evitare per fare un piatto vegano) 1 egg
the preparation < br> 1) to be guided, the commentary concluded with related video 2) to process the dough for 10 minutes a day (note dough process, is very important for layers) the dough should be soft and 3) mixed Dough to put the food in a packet and add 15 to 4) dough into 12 tsp.dep the round shape and put it on the fat sheet, re – fold the food and add 10 5) follow the video 6) on the grinder, Very thinly (dough is in place), go to the last thickness (see video recipe)
8) Ready-to-use saturation In the fridge heats up to 165 -170 degrees, we eat than we can not take it as a photo.
—————————— ————-
potatoes for content, you https://www.perfect-hermes.com can heart Season egg + 1 / c milk, blending well with a spoon and lightly gadause by baking the dough to puff to try to roll, very finely
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