A judge attached the former football star’s assets

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But a few days before the murder, Lloyd apparently disrespected Hernandez by associating with certain people at a Boston club. „NFL,“ he said, „Just in case.“Jenkins has been charged with lying nearly 30 times to a grand jury in the case.Three others have also been charged in the case: two men allegedly with Hernandez on the night of the murder and a Hernandez cousin charged with conspiracy to commit accessory after the fact.Recently, Lloyd’s family filed a wrongful death suit against Hernandez. A judge attached the former football star’s assets, including the $1.3 million, 7,000 square foot home Hernandez bought when he and Jenkins‘ daughter was born a year ago.Hernandez is also being investigated in connection with two other shootings: a 2012 double homicide in Boston hours after Hernandez was at a nightclub with the two victims and a February incident in which an East Hartford man claims Hernandez shot him in the eye outside a nightclub in Florida.

The grim details will continue to emerge as investigators do their work. Public officials and unsuccessful candidates for the House and Senate, all Republicans so far, will discover that they possess information that may be useful in advancing the investigation. Wherever it goes and however it ends, we, all of us know, that it ends in tears for some people who knew better.

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