An individual who has actual knowledge of a patent which the

LOS ANGELES: Fan Bingbing is a very influential actress, your private understanding of her what is it?

Wang: privately she is very cute, very simple, of course, we walk the red carpet, that is also a performer, I must walk the red carpet is very gentleman, she must be very lady, and wear a big skirt, then inside No one knows how high heels pad (laughs). LOS ANGELES: In the play inside with ice ice actress Yang is how the relationship?

Wang: It is a very wonderful relationship, appreciate each other, Li Bai Yang also appreciate the talent, because Yang, Li Bai has an office. LOS ANGELES: is not still can not disclose specific?

Wang: This is some of the history of the plot, of course, specific, our Yang screenplay, to the issues involved, may Hermes Replica Belt have to wait for some time now.

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