An international jury is investigating and can sanction Oracle

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replica goyard handbags (Photo by Paul Todd/Gallo Images/Getty Images)Skipper Max Sirena of Italy’s team Luna Rossa. (Photo by Paul Todd/Getty Images)SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) Skipper Max Sirena of Italy Luna Rossa is the latest America Cup competitor to accuse defending champion Oracle Team USA of cheating in what potentially could be one of the biggest scandals in the regatta 162 year history.sure, Sirena said when asked Thursday at a news conference in San Francisco if he thought Oracle cheatedOracle recently acknowledged it modified its boats without permission of the Measurement Committee for four America Cup World Series regattas last year, which were warm ups to the 34th America Cup.Oracle admission prompted Grant Dalton, the managing director of Emirates Team New Zealand, to say Tuesday that he thought the American syndicate was cheating.Oracle Team USA is owned by software billionaire Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle Corp.An international jury is investigating and can sanction Oracle, including a fine, forfeiture of races or disqualification from the America Cup.It unclear whether the jury would take the drastic step of disqualifying Oracle. The forfeiture of any races in the best of 17 America Cup match, especially if its opponent is powerhouse Emirates Team New Zealand, would certainly hurt Oracle in its quest to defend the oldest trophy in international sports.Asked if Oracle cheated, Sirena said: sure. replica goyard handbags

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