At that time, a large number of workers gathered at

At the same time accessibility of content and interface to all users has become a more visible and necessary requirement as governments around the world mandate that all content and systems should be accessible to all and as the business cases for that, including for example delivery to consumers having an ever increasing age profile, come into focus. Furthermore, with the advent of more visually complex, browser delivered, content it is becoming increasingly important to deliver content alternatives to meet user’s needs. This mandates a more flexible, personalized web infrastructure that will respond to the needs of each user.

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On Tuesday, the 20th afternoon, the workers of Pepsico Snacks Planta Florida found a sign on the factory door announcing the „termination of operations and the relocation of production in another establishment “ They also announced that the staff was „freed from providing services while maintaining the enjoyment of salaries.“

At that time, a large number of workers gathered at the door of the plant that was closed by the company. This closing is part of a policy of emptying the Florida plant promoted by the employer for years that is expressed in closing lines, diversion of production to the Mar del Plata plant and other plants with more precarious work together with strong pressure on activists and workers through retreats with high indeminizations in order to weaken the organization of the workers and the democratic Internal Commission that achieved conquests in years of workers The workers are now at the factory doors and we call all the political, union, student and social organizations to express their solidarity so that the closure and dismissal plan of the employers‘ association does not advance. Erna de PepsiCo Snacks Planta Florida
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