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At the start of the American Civil War, there were 34 states in the United States, 15 of which were slave states. Eleven of these slave states seceded from the United States to form the Confederacy:,,,,,,,,,, and. The slave states that stayed in the Union were Maryland, Missouri, Delaware, and, and they were referred to as the border states.

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Designer Fake Bags In 2011, interviews with Ibtisam Shennib and Amal Omar Shennib, Omar Faeik Shennib’s only two remaining children, were cited as confirming Pelt’s account of the origin of the flag.[5] Ibtisam Shennib recalled the morning her father brought a draft of the flag to the breakfast table and showed it to her and her siblings, explaining the original intent behind the selection of the flag’s colours and symbols. According to Omar Faiek Shennib, „red was selected for the blood sacrificed for the freedom of Libya, black to remember the dark days that Libyans lived under the occupation of the Italians (Italian Libya) and green to represent its primary wealth, agriculture, (Libya once being referred to as the ‚agricultural basket‘ or ‚breadbasket‘ of the Ottoman Empire) and the future prosperity of the country. In the following months many other Libyan embassies replaced the green flag of Gaddafi with the tricolor flag Designer Fake Bags.

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