Digital rectal examination is performed to assesses resting

A single United Airlines 737 passenger jet suffered at least 29 minor collisions with birds and one accident involving a small deer more than any other plane since 2000. In only one case was damage significant, when the jet climbed out of Philadelphia International Airport into a flock of gulls flying at 1,000 feet the night of Jan. 30, 2006.

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Designer Replica Bags Other factors include the specialized anti peristaltic function of the last part of the sigmoid colon, which keeps the rectum empty most of the time, sensation in the lining of the rectum and the anal canal to detect when there is stool present, its consistency and quantity, and the presence of normal rectoanal reflexes and defecation cycle which completely evacuates stool from the rectum and anal canal. Problems affecting any of these mechanisms and factors may be involved in the cause.[2]Identification of the exact causes usually begins with a thorough medical history, including detailed questioning about symptoms, bowel habits, diet, medication and other medical problems. Digital rectal examination is performed to assesses resting pressure and voluntary contraction (maximum squeeze) of the sphincter complex and puborectalis. Designer Replica Bags

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