For touch, this is when there is physical contact with the

Cake with peel and melon biscuit
Replace 30 diameter shapes / 20 ml of protein with good scalp Salt + 20s Sugar + Hearts per single + 20 flour is cooked 180 degrees in 180 g of flour in the fridge 2 hours < br> Cut the biscuit into 3 parts / first dough with coffee syrup (2 cups sugar 1 cup water 2c coffee coffee pelé + vanilla + rum taste)
Make the first layer Karalevski diseases cream from baked walnut advanced again gadavusvi cream layer karalevski diseases davname jam melon juice boiled cream gadavusvi movalage melon jam layer and still
. Cooked cream
1 Caramelvsky cream – 4 kw heart 1 cup sugar Avtor well + 1 smoked on low flame and bring it to boiling. 250 —– in Ghana
200 Slivka I made (did not get up) I was very tasty I gave my colleague.

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