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Freezing point depression is used by some organisms that live in extreme cold. Such creatures have evolved means through which they can produce high concentration of various compounds such as sorbitol and glycerol. This elevated concentration of solute decreases the freezing point of the water inside them, preventing the organism from freezing solid even as the water around them freezes, or as the air around them becomes very cold.

Replica Bags By 1880, through exports and war casualties, Canadian horses had almost become extinct.[11] In 1885, the Canadian Horse Breeders Association was formed to inspect and approve breeding stock with the aim of creating a studbook for the breed, and in 1886, further export from Canada was forbidden by Quebec law. In 1913, an experimental breeding program was begun at Cap Rouge by the Canadian government. The program’s goal was to breed larger horses that retained the endurance and vitality for which the breed was known, and succeeded in increasing the size of stallions to 15.2 to 16 (62 to 64 157 to 163 high and 1,200 to 1,500 pounds (540 to 680 in weight, with mares slightly smaller. Replica Bags

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