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Harbours and sea works, harbour also spelled, any part of a body of water and the manmade structures surrounding it that sufficiently shelters a vessel from wind, waves, and currents, enabling safe anchorage or the discharge and loading of cargo and passengers.The construction of harbours and sea works offers some of the most unusual problems and challenges in civil engineering. The continuous and immediate presence of the sea provides the engineer with an adversary certain to discover any weakness in the structure built to resist it.Principles of maritime engineeringThe principal objectives of such works fall broadly into two classifications: improvement of transportation, and reclamation and conservancy of land. Under the first fall works directed at providing facilities for the safe and economical transfer of cargo and passengers between land vehicles and ships; fishing ports for the landing and distribution of the harvest of the sea; harbours of refuge for ships and small craft; and marinas for the mooring or laying up of small private craft.

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Replica Bags Wholesale Lactose intolerance is classified according to its causes as:Primary hypolactasia, or primary lactase deficiency, is genetic, only affects adults, and is caused by the absence of a lactase persistence allele. In individuals without the lactase persistence allele, less lactase is produced by the body over time, leading to hypolactasia in adulthood.[2][25] The frequency of lactase persistence, which allows lactose tolerance, varies enormously worldwide, with the highest prevalence in Northwestern Europe, declines across southern Europe and the Middle East and is low in Asia and most of Africa, although it is common in pastoralist populations from Africa.[3][26]Secondary hypolactasia or secondary lactase deficiency, also called acquired hypolactasia or acquired lactase deficiency, is caused by an injury to the small intestine. This form of lactose intolerance can occur in both infants and lactase persistent adults and is generally reversible.[27] It may be caused by acute gastroenteritis, coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis,[28] chemotherapy, intestinal parasites (such as giardia), or other environmental causes.[2][29][30][31][32]Primary congenital alactasia, also called congenital lactase deficiency, is an extremely rare, autosomal recessive enzyme defect that prevents lactase expression from birth.[2][3] People with congenital lactase deficiency cannot digest lactose from birth, so cannot digest breast milk. Replica Bags Wholesale

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