„Kids are coming in with all these traumatic experiences

We have been luckily successful with bitconnect first, and then we moved to Firstcoin, Regal Coin and Hextracoin. Now we am wanting to try in luxurycoin ICO, the most potential lending project existing in cryptocurrency. We have checked out some outstanding points about that MLM ICO, We would take down some – 13% of the total supply will be sold out for contributors, no whales, no pumpers and – – They are not paying such a high interest, below 42% – They focus on building the system first, like all the needed function : lending, exchange, wallet, persional – Investors have their wallets, so tokens can be sent/bought/sold during the ICO, good point to have its blackmarket before officially – Active devs, good interface and bounty – They targetted to raise 3m$, if it goes to 100m, we have x30 easily, for a crypto, 100m is easy to But there are still some weak points
– They are not paying much on – They are – No FOMO
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