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The DRC has been mired in a brutal conflict since 1998, and the resulting hostilities and human rights abuses are largely fueled by the trade of these „conflict minerals.“Tin mining in Indonesia on the islands of Bangka and Bilitung has been criticized for lack of regulations and monitoring, environmental damage and poor labor conditions.It is Dell’s position to source responsibly, to work collaboratively with others to create conditions where we can give our customers confidence that we are acting responsibly and to hold our suppliers accountable to the same high standard.Our approach to responsible sourcing and supplier accountabilityAs a manufacturer of products High quality Replica Handbags that contain gold, tantalum, tin and tungsten, Dell is committed to operating in a socially responsible way. It’s Dell’s policy to refrain from purchasing from any known conflict sources and we expect that our suppliers adhere to the same standards. We have notified all our suppliers of our policy on conflict minerals and have asked each supplier to provide us with a confirmation of their conflict free status.

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