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Replica Hermes Birkin Welcome back, my dear, and I would like to wish you a delicious lunch of delicious dishes ❤️✌️sadilad bring the recipe, which will be useful for the newly arrived, the immigrants in Italy
pasta (spaghetti) polpetebit
320 gr di spaghetti-320 g spaghetti
600 ml di passata di pomodoro-600 ml tomato sauce
1 spicchio di aglio-1 clove garlic | sale-salt | olio oil
400 gr di macinato di manzo-400g in the shelf 150 gr di salsiccia-150g Imeretian coupat – 1 di uovo-1 in egg
1 spicchio di aglio-1 garlic cloves
25 gr di parmigiano-25 grams parmizani (Georgian dry grated cheese)
30 gr di pangrattato-30 g of bread flour
origano- origano

olio oil oils
1) cup of meat on the cup + kupat + egg + grated cheese + flour of sour + salt + garlic + orangeno. Mix well, until we get a homogeneous mass. 2) Do everything from finished mass, small size, He lightly amovsvarot o / flour and shevatsitlot 3) skeldzirian pan, pour oil dachletili garlic as shetsitldeba, + tomato sauce + salt to taste; Gupta and simmered boil for 40-45 minutes. Replica Hermes Birkin

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