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He ran every day, running with the casual, not the distance, without a watch, went to enjoy themselves, ran tired, they stopped to rest. Later, friends invited him to participate in the marathon, he also started January horse race life. He said that by the injury, he did not have a less than.

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advantages: from weather impact, environmental safety, training stable state, the impact on the lower extremity is also very small, helps rehabilitation after injury runner, running posture adjustment, Or steady state speed training.

Cons: monotonous, track drive will reduce the effectiveness of training, even if the slope can be adjusted by the resistance, can not completely replace road race training; treadmill should choose a better brand reputation or after-sales service, in order to avoid Cause subsequent maintenance or maintenance of the trouble. How to clever with different venues, so that the body to withstand less impact, but also have good training and sports effects? Most running experts or coaches think running on softer roads is usually less harmful and less impacting on the lower limbs, and the runner’s running career can last longer; most studies have also pointed out that in softer grasslands Or dirt on the run, the impact on the joints and bones are small.

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The resort was very dirty and poorly kept. I took picturesOur parents are on a pension and saved up for this trip. It meant the world to them to go to your resort.

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