Norovirus virus enteritis was eaten the day before yesterday

Pouncey and Aaron Hernandez were teammates at Florida. Pouncey reportedly was called to testify before a grand jury in the Hernandez murder case in December..

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sucks I just started to run, run three times 1200 meters I felt dying, within two months of so-called progress (slow run) way to 4000 meters in 10 laps, but more It will be foot pain, weight loss is because with the disappearance of food less 5 kg less, the body is also restored to give birth to the child before, but I always run unpleasant, but also run small, one kilometer to run for 9 minutes, each up to 6 km, But can not run for two consecutive days, more than this amount of pain on the feet, and a pain two or three months, is equal to destroyed Lian Lian.

I tried to run a little faster, but if the heart rate over 140 (I brought my wrist), I feel very breath, I ran together with people still ran the chat, but I think dying, I run fastest about 7 minutes speed, heart rate will be between about 160 to 170, I completely unsustainable, about two hundred meters I will surrender to continue turtle speed. In order to encourage myself, I participated in Xitou Marathon 10k group, ran for an hour and a half, but also Shun Shun runs out, because after three kilometers is a long downhill, in fact, I can not stop, heart rate soared to 190, But it is nothing, but after running for a while, because running for three days, the soles began to hurt, a pain and endless, the leg is also swollen hard, and now almost two months, and today Go to the turtle speed running, with „walking“ Asan can chat, I can only look at the heart rate watch soared 170, speechless to follow in the back, wheezing run, running with me, muscle Strength training classmates, and some have been able to run the whole horse, weekdays practice, but also 7 minutes above the speed, only I seem to never progress, in the typing of this Momen, my feet still pain and hemp, leg or taut,
ultra blind friends

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