Some of the dimensions are discussed in the Specification

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300 g of flour
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50 g olive oil < br> 100 g milk in a powdered yeast
salt in the heart
300 g of spinach in the butter butter
Add 200 g of cottage cheese / salt and black pepper to taste / dough Stop one hour from the cut and then divide it into two parts…. First I broke first and Flame hang…. Follow the accuracy, put on our heart is in the middle of the circle, and then kideebze
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Polenta (Pomegranate) Pastechita

-400 -150 – 1 n / o oil – Prepare – 1) Fry the water + salt + oil, put on 2) In the warm water, flour the flour and put it well, then drop it on a very low bar for 40 minutes with a timber with a wooden brush > Polen Can serve with a ragus, stewed with mushrooms, cutlets with the sausage, you able shetsvat cubes, wrap the reels like
Paulonta is mostly in northern Italy and very similar to us, I used the flour of Georgian flour and you can have the most delicious poultry. You can buy ready polenta and wipe it as you like on a photo 2 tablespoon olive oil + And you have a little white wine if you love the dish and go Tomato sauce and tomato sauce and mix until you have a single layer of poland, a second layer of kupat sauce.Start three layers Hermes Belt Replica.

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