Sometimes, it even more vague than that

A hospital is a not place for lazy people. This is a place for clever ones who care of those who are not clever enough to save their health. TV show Childrens Hospital tells about relations between doctors who sometimes in order to get distract from their own problems have to treat sick children.

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Hermes Birkin Replica It a sneaky way of saying don want to hear from you, or have contact with you again. Ouch. Sometimes, it even more vague than that. Direction to printer to disregard correction made to text, 1755, from Latin stet „let it stand,“ third person singular present subjunctive of stare „to stand, stand upright, be stiff,“ from PIE root sta „to stand, set down, make or be firm,“ with derivatives meaning „place or thing that is standing“ (cf. Sanskrit tisthati „stands;“ Avestan histaiti „to stand;“ Persian stan „country,“ literally „where one stands;“ Greek histemi „put, place, cause to stand; weigh,“ stasis „a standing still,“ statos „placed,“ stater „a weight, coin,“ stylos „pillar;“ Latin sistere „stand still, stop, make stand, place, produce in court,“ status „manner, position, condition, attitude,“ stare „to stand,“ statio „station, post;“ Lithuanian stojus „place myself,“ statau „place;“ Old Church Slavonic staja „place myself,“ stanu „position,“ staru „old,“ literally „long Hermes Birkin Replica standing;“ Gothic standan, Old English standan „to stand,“ stede „place,“ steall „place where cattle are kept;“ Old Norse stei „anvil,“ stallr „pedestal for idols, altar;“ German Stall „stable;“ Old Irish sessam „the act of standing“). Also see related words under assist.. Hermes Birkin Replica

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