The length of a string is the number of characters in it

„Manhunt“ series is a co operative project of the UK, USA and Afghanistan that resulted in a somewhat paranoid documentary about absence in the whole world a place where you can feel totally secured and safe. Technologies‘ opportunities are becoming more intricate, subtle and advanced from one day to another. (Let us remember Windows 10, for example).

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Administrator · 1 min for friend, DIFUNDA, WHO KNOWS, the violence continued in Colombia, the state against the people-

Retreat the tragedy that we live in Colombia, the fact that each month occurs
It is very serious what happened, because of the deaths due to socio-political violence, which are 5.8% of the total of homicides, the greatest number are leaders
Before the bilateral ceasefire, they killed a leader every three days, during this cessation – from October 1, 2017 to January Replica Hermes 9, 2018-, they went on to kill a leader every two days, and in January of this year they came to assassinate a leader every
The ongoing genocide against social leaders and political opponents, resembles that perpetrated by the regime against the Patriotic Union (UP), the Popular Front and the movement to fight, three
ago > The genocide against the UP is a sign of state terror, when between 1986 and 2002, they assassinated each year in average. Or 300 of its
Today in Colombia, genocide is taking on the magnitude of decades ago, when the state terror proposed the elimination of alternative political projects, which threatened to dispute the power of the elite
The Colombian humanitarian crisis continues to demonstrate the fact that the victims of state crimes are more numerous than those of the conflict. „80% of the victims of repression have nothing to do with the armed conflict, even though they have tried to mediate them to appear as related to

The Colombian State has historically considered the objective of its counterinsurgency struggle to sectors of the excluded and dissatisfied population with its
The regime assigns to paramilitarism the function of being the main victimizer of the sectors opposed to the regime, to the point to become a policy of
The Departments most affected by the genocide are Cauca, Nariño, Antioquia, and
This genocide comes Laughing in the deep Colombia, farof the big cities, without saying that in the popular districts there are no cases alive Replica Hermes Birkin.

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