There are two approaches to this

„My Memphis grandmother taught my mom the fine art of the fried bird, and my father was a hobbyist beekeeper,“ says James Beard Award winning chef Ashley Christensen. „Though I didn’t grow up having them together, chicken drizzled with honey just finds such a natural home on top of a waffle.“ Today Christensen serves a purist version of the dish at her Raleigh restaurant Beasley’s: brined, buttermilk dipped and pressure fried pieces with a thick Belgian waffle and local honey. She takes a hard line about serving the combo only in house no takeout allowed to preserve its ephemeral texture.

Hermes Replica Belt OWL 2 RL is a syntactic subset (profile) of OWL 2 that is amenable to implementation using rule based technologies. The [OWL2 Profiles] document providesa partial axiomatization of the OWL 2 RDF Based Semantics in the form of first order implications that can be used as the basis for such an implementation.This note describes how that axiomatization can be expressed as a set of RIF rules within the RIF Core dialect.There are two approaches to this, both of which exploit the correspondence between RIF and RDFgiven in [RIF RDF and OWL Compatibility]. The first approach is to directly translate the OWL 2 RL rules to RIF Core, those simply interested in this ruleset can skip directly to[Appendix: OWL 2 RL Rules]. Hermes Replica Belt

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