To be able to race in front of a whole crowd is awe inspiring

Springen), from PIE sprengh „rapid movement“ (cf. Skt. Sprhayati „desires eagerly,“ Gk.

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Then the mother calls her wife and returns to the table mkn to adam who is eating
Adam: the mother already scolded her?
mother: iyaa,,
The next day adam plg afternoon …
dy see her child still wearing nightgown while playing in mud front of house, one lying in the mud and who again almost wrote to Got at the side of the house ,,
yes then bring his son in, and his drmh he saw a byk once chicken poop scattered in the house ,,
blm lg home and the contents of the closet was out scattered in the unloading his child was ,, Cassette tape scattered on the floor, the powder was mixed with sand in front of the TV room ,,, then he was going to the bathroom to bathe his child ,, until in the bathroom he saw t water has flooded the soap floor and toothbrush all scattered the contents of the refrigerator was mixed with dish rack ,,
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