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Come and try a delicious, freshly squeezed açaí, self service (serve yourself 3x, bottom in the middle and in top) with more than 15 sweets and 24 syrups and still has https://www.replica-hermes.info a delicious homemade whipped cream with blackcurrant, dulce de leche, ovomaltine or chocolate drops + biscuit and jujube! Nestle (Black, white or medium to medium), Bis or Kit Kat + 2 Ice Cream Balls or Premium Popsicle + Homemade Chantilly with blackcurrant, dulce de leche, ovomaltine or drops of chocolate + biscuit and jujube!

We Hermes Replica have our traditional Barca where you can delight with 3 options of fruit (Strawberry, Banana and Mango) + Chantilly homemade with negresco, dulce de leche, ovomaltine or drops of chocolate + biscuit and jujube!

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